Victor X-Ray Corp. "Universal" X-ray Tube (ca. 1920s)

This example of a Coolidge "Universal" x-ray tube was produced by the Victor X-Ray Corporation. The close-up of the label etched onto the glass bulb (photo below left) indicates that  this is a medium focus tube which was intended for general radiographic work.  Note that the cathode filament of the medium focal spot tube forms a slightly conical spiral (photo below right). 

The maximum high voltage for this tube would have been approximately 100,000 volts - this would be more or less equivalent to a 6" spark gap. The maximum rated current would have been approximately 40 milliamps for a 15 second exposure.  

I am guessing that this tube dates from the 1920s based on the last indicated patent date which appears to be October 1923.

Size: 20" long, 7" bulb diameter

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