DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory (ARL) Research Associateship Program (RAP) applications for Journeyman Fellows may be submitted throughout the year.


Complete and submit the online application form. The following will also be uploaded with the online application:

  • Resume - please list all papers, presentations, or publications you may have authored or co-authored. Include a any reprints or abstracts if they are available.
  • Transcripts - Transcript verifying receipt of Degree/or identifying current enrollment. Original student copies are acceptable.
  • References - You will receive an email containing a link to forward to persons familiar with your educational and/or professional qualifications. Please include your academic advisor (if applicable), and current/prior employers. Personal references are NOT acceptable.
  • If selected by an ARL-RAP advisor, you will be asked to work with them to write a one page research proposal to submit for ARL Review Committee consideration.
    • One Page Proposal
      • Research Topic should relate to a specific Journeyman opportunity at ARL
      • Include a brief statement noting why you chose this research topic, including preparation and motivation.


The complete application and supporting materials will be submitted to the ARL Review Committee. Incomplete applications may not be considered. Additional information may be required if an appointment is offered.