Applications are accepted throughout the year for Postdoctoral Fellows.


Complete and submit the online application. The following will also be uploaded with the online application:

  • Curriculum Vitae
    • List by title non-published works including doctoral thesis
    • List by titles published works (Include journal/article name and location
  • Three References Forms
    • An email with a link to the reference form will be emailed to the applicant upon completion of the on-line application. Please send this email to persons you have selected to complete a reference.
    • References should be from persons familiar with your educational and professional qualifications (include your thesis or dissertation advisor, if applicable)
  • Transcripts
    • Transcript verifying receipt of postdoctoral degree must be submitted with the application. Student copy is acceptable.
  • If selected by an ARL-RAP advisor, you will be asked to work with them to write a five to seven page research proposal to submit for ARL Review Committee consideration.
    • Five- to Seven-Page Proposal
      • Research topic should relate to a specific opportunity at ARL (see Research Areas)
      • The objective of the research topic should be clear and have a defined outcome
      • Explain the direction you plan to pursue
      • Include expected period for completing the study
      • Include a brief background such as preparation and motivation for the research
      • References of published efforts may be used to improve the proposal


The complete application and supporting materials will be submitted to the ARL Review Committee. Incomplete applications may not be considered. Additional information may be required if an appointment is offered.