Participant Program: Your appointment letter clearly states that you are not an employee of ORAU/ORISE, your host facility, program sponsor, or any other office or agency. 

Some documents are in Adobe Reader format and are indicated by (PDF).

Health Insurance Plan

As a research participant, you are required to either enroll in the ORAU/ORISE health insurance plan or demonstrate that you have health insurance coverage with another carrier. If you wish to enroll in the ORAU/ORISE health insurance plan, please request information from your ORISE point of contact noted in your offer letter.

Medical and Prescription Drug Evidence of Coverage/Summary of Benefits (PDF)

Summary of Benefits Coverage (PDF)


BCBS Global Core (Foreign Country Benefits)

Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core (PDF)

Nurse Line Brochure (PDF)

HC21 Guide to Wellbeing (PDF)

Vision and Dental Plan

Group Vision Summary Plan Description (PDF)

Group Delta Dental Summary Plan Description (PDF)

Dental Certificate of Coverage (PDF)


Prescription Drug Plan

RxBenefits Prescription Benefit Coverage (PDF)

RxBenefits Welcome Letter (PDF)

Express Scripts Mobile App information (PDF)

ORAU’s Medicare Part D Creditable Coverage Notice (PDF)

Participant Assistant Program

The Participant Assistance Program (PAP) offered through Humana is available to assist participants in managing life’s challenges and maintaining a happy and well-balanced life.

The program offers up to eight short-term counseling sessions per issue per year to assist with many situations including:

  • Relationship and marital concerns
  • Family issues
  • Coping with illness
  • Everyday needs and life events

In addition to the counseling benefit, the program offers work-life assistance. This include information and support to help you achieve a better balance between your personal studies, participation in the ORAU program, life, and family needs.

Participant Assistant Program Overview (PDF)

Quick Links

Health Insurance Telephone Numbers

New Blue Cross Blue Shield Card:
(800) 223-3614

Blue Cross Blue Shield Medical Claims Service:
(800) 565-9140

Out-of-state Blue Cross Blue Shield Provider:
(800) 810-BLUE (2583)