Domestic Travel

Domestic travel consists of travel within the U.S. states and its territories. Official travel begins when you depart the office or home, whichever occurs last, and ends when you return to the home or office, whichever occurs first.

All official travel must be approved before the trip start date and before any expenses are incurred. If you will be lodging overnight or in travel status more than 12 hours, a travel request must be completed and approved before the travel begins. The travel request is required to determine whether adequate funds are available to cover the estimated cost of the trip, prevent problems with unallowable travel costs, and to ensure all travel requests remain in compliance with ORAU’s participant travel guidance.

To ensure sufficient processing time, the travel request must be submitted in Concur at least two weeks before the travel departure date. A best practice is to complete a travel request as soon as you know you will be traveling, and consider the time it may take to obtain approval.

Meals and Incidental Expenses (M&IE) for Domestic Travel

Domestic travel per diem rates and meal breakdowns to deduct any meals that are provided while on travel can be found on the GSA website linked below.