Personal Travel

There may be times when you may have the opportunity to take personal travel in conjunction with research-related travel. Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering adding personal travel. The primary purpose of the travel must be business related and personal travel must be incidental to the business requirement. Expenses for lodging, Meals & Incidental Expenses and other associated travel costs will not be reimbursed for locations other than the city of business.

When personal travel is combined with research-related travel, an airfare simulation must be obtained on the same day of ticketing that reflects the lowest available airfare to meet the business travel need. The traveler will be responsible for any increase in airfare or other expenses due to the addition of personal travel and the increase in costs will be deducted on the Expense Report.

If an airfare simulation is not completed on the same day of ticketing, the traveler will be responsible for a proportionate part of their airfare cost equal to the number of days on personal travel.

Total number of travel days 10 | Business days 7 | Personal days 3

The program would pay/reimburse 70% of the airfare cost and the participant would pay for the remaining 30%.