Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about corporate participant travel

To complete a travel request, log into Zintellect and click View Travel on your participant dashboard. Next, click on Go to Concur in the top right corner of the page. The Concur travel system will open, where you can complete and submit your travel request.

Yes, however the primary purpose of the travel must be business related and personal travel must be incidental to the business requirement. Expenses for lodging, M&IE and other associated travel costs will not be reimbursed for locations other than the city of business. More information about personal travel can be found here.

Yes, you can purchase your own airfare for domestic travel, but you must be sure to follow all Federal government regulations. If appropriate regulations are not followed when purchasing your own airline ticket, you may risk not being reimbursed for the cost of your ticket. We recommend that you book domestic travel reservations using the Online Booking Tool in Concur’s Travel Module. However, ORAU’s contracted travel agency, Travel Leaders Corporate (TLC), can also make your airline reservations for you. Regardless of which option your choose to purchase your domestic airline ticket, you will still need to enter the estimated cost of the airline ticket on your travel request to account for the cost of airfare in your total travel estimate.

No, ORAU’s contracted Travel Agency, TLC, MUST purchase all airfare for foreign trips in order to ensure compliance with the Fly America Act. If you purchase your own ticket, you are taking the risk that the cost many not be reimbursed.

Domestic travel per diem rates and meal breakdowns to deduct any meals that are provided while on travel can be found on the GSA websites linked below.

Yes. However, we encourage you to book your rental vehicle reservation in the Concur Travel System. Reserving a rental car through ORAU allows you to obtain discounted rates plus Driver Protection and Liability Insurance that is provided to ORAU (this is only available at no additional cost for vehicles rented in the US and Puerto Rico).

No. Insurance costs are not reimbursable. For more information about rental cars and their associated fees/add-ons please visit this link.

Yes, baggage fees are reimbursable if the airline carrier charges for checking the first bag or for a carry-on bag. Some carriers will not charge for the first bag, but will charge for each additional checked bag. If an adequate business reason is provided in the comment field on the travel expense report, ORAU will reimburse you for additional baggage charges (for example, the second bag contained meeting materials or an additional bag was needed due to length of trip).

Most airline carriers have a weight and size limit per bag, and there is an additional charge for each bag over the limit. You are is responsible for checking with the airline(s) prior to departure to determine the baggage charges, weight limits on baggage, and other charges that may be imposed at check-in. These additional charges will only be reimbursed if there is a sufficient business need to support the cost.

To request reimbursement for your travel expenses, log in to Zintellect and click View Travel on your participant dashboard. Next, click Go to Concur in the top right corner of the page. The Concur travel system will open. To start a new Expense report, click on Requests in the header and select/click the trip you wish to create an Expense for. Click the Create Expense Report button and from there you can complete the Expense Report.

Within ten (10) business days after the return date of your trip.

Once your Expense Report is approved, you should receive reimbursement for your travel expenses in approximately 10 business days.

A cash advance can be requested on the travel request in Concur.

You can request an advance reimbursement on the travel request form, and once you trip is approved we can issue the payment to you to cover the cost of the registration fee. Please keep in mind, that the receipt for the registration payment will be required as part of your travel expense report after your trip ends.

All expense reports are audited and reimbursement amounts are adjusted as needed according to the ORAU Travel Policy. The most common errors on expense reports are miscalculations of per diem, missing receipts, and unallowable costs. You will receive a copy of the final expense report, and if you have questions you can contact ORAU Travel Center.

Yes, however restrictions apply. A cost comparison must be  by your program point of contact in advance of travel if you elect to drive your personal vehicle more than 350 miles one-way. A cost comparison is not needed if a justification exists for the use of a POV in lieu of air travel. For example, you are hosting a seminar that requires transporting boxes of training materials. More information can be found in the Personally Owned Vehicle section of the site here.

No, Airbnb and VRBO are not approved lodging options. Any cost associated with reserving or lodging at an Airbnb or VRBO facility is unallowable and will not be reimbursed.