Within some sponsored programs, you may be eligible to receive assistance with Pre/Post Appointment Travel costs. If you are eligible to receive either relocation, dislocation, or inbound/outbound assistance, it will be stated in your offer letter. Not all expenses related to relocation are reimbursable. To ensure you are reimbursed appropriately, please do not make any travel arrangements before discussing your travel plans in advance with Travel Central. Should you incur relocation costs prior to the date of your formal appointment offer letter ORAU’s interpretation of the appropriate cost allocation will be applied.

Relocation Costs

ORAU’s relocation policies are based on FAR 31.205-35, Relocation Costs. Relocation benefits may be subject to federal income tax. Consult the Internal Revenue Service publication 521, Moving Expenses, for information regarding relocation benefits.

Reimbursement for relocation costs will not exceed actual expenses up to the amount designated for relocation.

Relocation costs covered may include:

  • Travelers moving themselves, their families (i.e., spouse and dependents living in the household), their household furniture, and their effects to the assigned appointment
  • One house-hunting trip for the participant and/or spouse
  • Living expenses for the participant and their immediate family who live with them while housing arrangements are being made
  • Travel expenses when the participant precedes the family to the new location or who returns home to assist the family at the time of the move

The location from which the individual moves must be 50 miles or more, one-way from the appointment site. Household move expense statements will not be reimbursed after one year from the start date of the appointment.

For additional information regarding relocation please see the ORAU Travel Guidance document.