Radioluminescent Rope (1940s, 1950s) 

Note. These items are not in the ORAU collection.  Nor does the collection want them. The photos are provided for information only.

The following quote comes from an undated navy document (ca. early 1950s).

"the radioactive plastic tubing, or rope, finds its main uses in marking cargo, outlining landing craft and accessories, and constructing guidelines for the movement of troops and personnel. Each unit is a 5-foot length of 3/16-inch clear plastic tubing with clips at each end which make possible lines of any desired length. The inside wall of the tubing is coated with a layer of radioactive zinc sulphide. The brightness of tubing will average approximately one microlambert and each length contains about 30 micrograms [30 uCi] of radium. The tubing can stand considerable exposure with little deterioration."

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