Statement from the President

The federal government and private sector look to companies whose capabilities are strategically aligned with their missions and whose solutions are delivered rapidly and efficiently. They look for companies with an ability to connect… to provide a tailored, multidimensional approach with comprehensive skills to generate an effective result. This is even more critical in times of uncertain budgets and scarce resources.

Throughout 2011, ORAU has remained strong in the face of our country’s economic challenges by strategically connecting our expertise with the needs of our customers and our nation and by integrating our diverse services to provide seamless support. 

As reflected in reviews and assessments from our customers, we achieved outstanding and sustained performance through a continued focus on performance, quality and integrity. We have an exceptional reputation for producing quality work that supports customers’ missions and is backed by deep subject matter expertise.

This year, we also made great progress in refining the foundation that supports our business enterprise. We have strengthened our infrastructure through enterprise architecture, internal reorganization and capital investments and have documented and articulated our core competencies. In addition, we have institutionalized quality management practices to streamline processes, gain efficiencies and continually improve our services and deliverables. 

Our customer focus enables us to be ready at a moment’s notice to respond to dynamic conditions, including the devastating earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power plant crisis that ravaged Japan in March. ORAU experts supported senior DOE officials on the ground in Japan and provided 24/7 assistance back home with DOE’s Nuclear Incident Team. Our physicians and staff advised on hundreds of requests for information regarding potential health hazards and consulted with federal officials to plan for the possibility of radiation emergency medical treatment in Japan.

At the same time, ORAU assisted the CDC in hosting a national conference focused on public health and radiation emergency preparedness and disseminated information to the U.S. public to allay fears of atmospheric exposures. In the months following the crisis, ORAU experts also responded quickly to characterize possible contamination of maritime assets off the coast of Japan that likely traveled through the radioactive plume emanating from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

These examples and others throughout this report highlight not only ORAU’s ability to provide this type of quick and effective response, but further illustrate ORAU’s ability to provide the expertise, research tools, education and training to those who need to be ready to respond. These capabilities, coupled with our reach back to a deep community of university research partners, are helping us address today’s challenges, as well as shape our future.

Andy Page
ORAU President and CEO