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Boiling Water Reactor (BWR)

In this exercise, you will supply power to light a city by correctly answering questions about the partsĀ of a power plant. Choose the type of power plant you would like to build from the menu at the top.

Review the parts of a boiling water reactor nuclear plant. They include:

  1. Containment building
  2. Control rods
  3. Steam generator
  4. Turbine
  1. Condenser
  2. Generator
  3. Cooling tower
  4. Transmission tower
1. Which part holds the fuel assemblies, control rods, and the coolant/moderator?
2. Which part controls pressure so water does not boil in the reactor?
3. Which part has blades that are spun by steam and is attached to the generator?
4. Which part spins a coil of wire inside a magnetic field and produces electricity?
5. Which part transfers the power from the plant to the city, town, or farm?
6. Where is heated water either turned into water vapor or cooled water?
7. Which part cools the steam and turns it back into water?
8. Which part contains the pressure vessel and protects the reactor and the environment in case of a problem?
9. Which part can be inserted into the reactor to slow the reaction?
10. Which part holds the fuel?
Time to power it up!