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Health Communication and Marketing

ORAU provides clients with evidence-based communication and marketing strategies and tailored solutions for health and safety programs and campaigns

Image of CDC's online health communication tool, HealthCommWorks. ORAU helped CDC develop the tool to aid health communication professionals with the development and dissemination of effective messages.

ORAU has extensive experience in developing, pilot testing, implementing and evaluating health communication and social marketing programs and campaigns. We employ proven methods and the latest technologies to develop strategies and materials for multiple health issues and target audiences delivered through multi-media channels.

Frequently delivered health communication and marketing services include:

  • Planning
    • Concept discovery and design
    • Strategic communication and social marketing plan development
    • Prototype development
    • Partner coordination and engagement
  • Research
    • Conduct data collection activities
    • Data analysis and report writing
    • Data collection instruments development
    • Evidence-based message development
    • Research and evaluation plan design
  • Product and resource development
    • Electronic materials (e.g., websites, e-newsletters,¬†web banners, social media graphics, digital toolkits, job aids, lectures, presentations)
    • Print materials (e.g., brochures, flyers, fact sheets, posters, reports, reference guides)
  • Meeting, conference and expert panel support
    • Conference marketing plan development and execution
    • Exhibit booth design and planning
  • Writing/editing
    • Audience-tailored message testing
    • Cultural adaptation
    • Language translation
    • Message mapping
    • Peer-review coordination
    • Plain Writing Act of 2010 and Federal Plain Language Guidance compliance
    • Technical and scientific publication writing and editing
  • Public and media relations
    • Digital press kits
    • Media buys
    • Multimedia tours
    • Press releases

Our team of health communication and marketing experts will help you determine the most effective approach to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about ORAU and the tailored solutions we provide.