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Health Preparedness and Response

ORAU delivers tailored health preparedness and response services to protect our nation against threats

In 2014, ORAU trained more than 500 healthcare workers planning to deploy to West Africa and work in Ebola Treatment Units.

ORAU provides evidence-based solutions tailored to meet these complex preparedness and response needs and help federal and state agencies, preparedness professionals and local communities prepare for and respond to all types of public health and healthcare emergencies.

Frequently delivered health preparedness and response services include:

  • Community preparedness and response planning
    • Capacity building
    • Community-based preparedness workshops
    • Continuity of Operations/Continuity of Government planning
    • Crisis and risk communication
    • Executive leadership preparedness meetings
  • Exercise and drill design, facilitation and evaluation
    • Active shooter specialty exercises
    • Full scale exercises
    • Functional exercises
    • Hazard materials specialty exercises
    • Hotwashes, after-action reporting and improvement planning
    • Table top exercises
  • Emergency response support and training
    • Expertise and support on federal response task forces and teams
    • Federal, state and local Emergency Operations Center support
    • Just-in-time training
    • Personal protective equipment (PPE) and federal guidance training and education
  • Healthcare system preparedness and response planning
    • Healthcare system surge drills
    • Mass fatality drills
    • Operational guidance during emergencies
  • Medical countermeasure planning
    • Emergency response plans for distribution sites
    • Operational readiness assessment
    • Point of dispensing drills
    • Private and public partner coordination
    • Stockpile and distribution planning
  • Resource development
    • All-hazard assessment tools
    • Crisis and emergency risk communication
    • Community and public health education campaigns and programs
    • Discussion guides for preparedness planning
    • Interactive community planning guides and activities
    • Preparedness checklists
    • Surge evaluation tools
    • Train-the-trainer toolkits

Our team of public health and healthcare preparedness experts will help you determine the most effective approach to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about ORAU and the tailored solutions we provide.