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Research and Evaluation

ORAU works with clients to tailor solutions to meet their research and evaluation needs

Image of woman presenting research evaluation results projected a large screen. Image showcases the data collection and analysis services that ORAU provides.

ORAU provides a full range of research and evaluation services that can shape a variety of public health and health communication programs at any stage of its development such as conducting formative research, developing research and evaluation questions, creating a logic model, collecting research and evaluation data using appropriate methods, systematically analyzing quantitative or qualitative data, and writing reports that provide a sound basis for making decisions about products and programs.

ORAU employs expertise in developing Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and Institutional Review Board (IRB) application and packages that meet clients’ paper reduction act guidelines and human subject protection criteria. Also, ORAU has specialized capabilities in toxicology risk assessments for occupational and non-occupational health and safety concerns.

Frequently delivered research and evaluation services include:

  • Research and evaluation plan design
    • Environmental scans
    • Literature reviews
    • Logic model
    • OMB and IRB application development
    • Research and evaluation questions and indicators development
  • Data collection instruments development
    • Moderator’s guides
    • Pre-post test
    • Screeners
  • Conduct data collection activities
    • Focus groups
    • In-depth interviews
    • Media monitoring
    • Message mapping and testing
    • Observation
    • Surveys
  • Data analysis and report writing
    • Analysis using quantitative (SPSS, SAS) and qualitative software (NVivo, Atlas.ti)
    • Interrater reliability
    • Meta-analysis
  • Toxicology risk assessments
    • Human risk assessments of occupational chemicals
    • Occupational and non-occupational assessment of health and safety concerns

Our team of Ph.D.-level research and evaluation experts and certified health education specialists will help you determine the most effective approach to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about ORAU and the tailored solutions we provide.