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Steve Hutchison

Training and Development Specialist

Steve Hutchison has been with ORAU for more than 10 years. He began his career at ORAU as a health physics technician in 2011 and has since worked his way up to a training and development specialist for ORAU’s Professional Training Programs. As a training and development specialist, Steve maintains and calibrates surveying equipment while assisting with the development of new lab training activities. He is also often tasked to design and fabricate equipment such as source holders, detector bases and various types of jigs. Steve is qualified to perform detector/rate meter repair and calibration as well as to operate the Canberra ISOCS unit with Genie 2000 software. He is also a certified RAD Worker 2, HAZWOPER. Steve holds an A.A. from Pellissippi State Community College.

Photo of Steve Hutchison