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Introduction to Coding: Middle School Learning Blade Course

Target Audience: 5th-9th Grade Teachers

The Learning Blade "Intro to Coding" course is an easy way to introduce middle school students to coding block requirements and teach basic concepts in text-based coding. The course contains online and offline student learning including robust teacher lesson plans. Lessons will include topics such as the role of computers in society, concepts of basic algorithms, text-based code elements including statements, variables, and comments, common hacking methods and means for combatting them, and many more.

In this session you will experience online lessons and unplugged activities, learn how to navigate the course guide, and practice coding activities with a former AP Computer Science teacher.

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Virtual workshop details

Stay tuned for workshop dates in the summer of 2024.

Two male students code on a laptop computer

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Meet your instructor

Jennifer Gregory
Tenneseee state manager, Learning Blade 

Jennifer Gregory is the Tennessee state manager for Learning Blade focusing on district and school-wide implementation strategies. She attended Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL, earning dual bachelor's degrees in Mathematics and Secondary Mathematics Education. She is a former AP Computer Science Teacher and a four-year secondary math and computer science educator with experience teaching in Tennessee and Colorado. She values that her work supports educators in helping students see how they could fit in the STEM field and helps teachers get started with Computer Science education.