Dr. Benitez Question and Answer Session on Fly Ash Spill


Why should people living near the fly ash spill sign-up for this screening program?

Well I think there’s that potential risk. Everything, from at least a calculation standpoint and what’s been measured so far, appears that it’s going to be a relatively low risk, but what we’ve been hearing is that they still want to ask a doc[tor], as in a physician, “What exactly does this mean to me and my family?” And this is the one thing we can do. We can get a history, do a physical exam, do some appropriate testing for the things that do need to be tested, including some screening things –like for lung function, kidney function, etc.- so that we can see if there’s a problem now or not. If there isn’t one, we at least have …baseline levels –baseline function of your lungs, your kidneys, etc.- and then if-and-when we need to do a repeat exam, whether it’s myself, or my partners, or their own family doctor, we’ve got a baseline against which to measure.