Dr. Benitez Question and Answer Session on Fly Ash Spill


What sort of information will you be providing to those who go through the screening program? What will people know after they have been screened?

We’re hoping to at least help interpret their current medical situation; review their history as far as any kind of chemical exposures currently, in the past, work-wise or otherwise; [and] put that in the context with these baseline screenings that we’re doing as far as chest x-ray, pulmonary function, blood work and so forth, to let them know, “Okay, you look normal/you do not,” “You need further testing/you do not.” I suspect we’ll probably pick up some people that may not even know they have some other problem that may not even be related to this, and then we can obviously refer them back to their doctor. Or we may find out that they know they have diabetes or whatever the underlying medical problem might be, but they may be a little bit more out of control than they should be, and we can still help them realize that there’s other issues and they need to talk to their family doctor on those particular issues.