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The Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC)/Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) High School Summer Math-Science-Technology Institute is a two-week summer program that provides high school students and teachers interactive opportunities with ORNL scientists. Together, students and teachers work with scientists on projects in science, math and research-related computer technology.

Ecosystems: Matter and Energy

This session will offer middle school teachers a series of STEM activities and exploratory investigations that will help students deconstruct and visualize how matter and energy move throughout ecosystems and the role they play as an ecosystem adapts and changes. During this session teachers practice student-driven, experiential activities that are easy, require little materials, and provide meaningful pathways to understanding hard-to-grasp 'systems thinking' concepts.

Engineering is Elementary

The Engineering is Elementary workshop features curricula that have been tested using rigorous, research-based design principles. The EIE website offers a number of free activities teachers can implement in their classrooms, and these activities can be altered to make them grade-appropriate for students.

Extreme Classroom Makeover

On April 9, 2018, ORAU presented West View Elementary School teacher Patrick Pollock with a $25,000 technology makeover during a surprise classroom announcement. The funding is part of ORAU’s annual Extreme Classroom Makeover competition, now in its 10th year. In July, ORAU revisited the Mr. Pollock's new classroom that is now full of new technology!

Forensic Chemistry Mini-Academy

Students gained hands-on experience and an introduction to the scientific concepts used by forensic chemists.

Junior Crime Busters

A crime has been committed and grade 1-5 students are needed to help solve the mystery. Teachers learned or brushed up on teaching their students some of the same techniques used by crime labs to analyze physical evidence collected at crime scenes or taken from suspects.

Math & Movement for Students

A three-day program for K-5 students. The first day of the academy is intended for kindergarten through second grade students while the second and third days target third through fifth grade students. Throughout the academy, students partake in exercises that are fun for students and help them develop valuable mathematics concepts and skills.

Polymers All Around Us

Dr. Al Hazari, a retired University of Tennessee chemistry professor, led “Polymers All Around Us,” a hands-on workshop exploring the types and the physical and chemical properties of serval everyday polymers. In “Super Science Connections” he integrated children's literature, writing, mathematics, art, social studies and health instructions with hands-on science-observing, devising experiments, hypothesizing and drawing conclusions.

Scratch Programming for Students

Programming may seem technical but it should also be a blast! This Scratch programming course for kids introduced younger students to the essential building blocks behind object-oriented programming through creating fun, interactive stories and simple games.

Virtual Reality in the Classroom

Keeping pace with the latest technological advancements is an important component of ORAU’s K-12 STEM educator professional development programming. Teachers had the opportunity to explore virtual reality as it applies to the science classroom using a platform called ClassVR.