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CDC awards $167 million NIOSH dose reconstruction contract to ORAU

Incumbent contractor marks more than 17 years leading this national project

ORAU and its partners have again been awarded the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) contract to support the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) on a multi-year contract for work under the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act, or EEOICPA.

Once again, ORAU has partnered with NV5/Dade Moeller and MJW Technical Services, Inc. (MJWTS).

“We are pleased to be given this opportunity to continue this program that is so very important to the workers and their families,” said Andy Page, ORAU president and CEO. “This contract renewal is a vote of confidence from CDC/NIOSH in our team’s ability to provide a continued high level of quality and commitment to this program.”

Under the terms of the new contract, the ORAU team will help collect data related to claims and petitions, conduct radiation dose reconstruction research, conduct claimant interviews, oversee the Special Exposure Cohort (SEC) petitioning process, and estimates occupational radiation doses. Results from the completed dose reconstructions are ultimately provided to the claimant and the U.S. Department of Labor for use in adjudicating claims filed under EEOICPA.

Since starting work on the original contract in 2002, ORAU and its partners have assisted NIOSH in:

  • Completing and submitting more than 59,000 dose assessments for NIOSH review
  • Conducting more than 172,000 interviews with claimants or their survivors throughout all stages of the dose reconstruction process (to gather information or explain dose reconstruction results)
  • Conducting more than 675 trips to identify and secure relevant data and records
  • Assembling and indexing 171,500 documents relevant to DOE facilities into a searchable and retrievable database
  • Writing more than 150 SEC petition evaluations reports resulting in the addition of more than 125 SEC classes
  • Performing 8.9M entries into a searchable database for documents containing energy employee-specific information
  • Matching and linking 176,000 documents with an energy employee’s identifying information to their respective claim
  • Completing reviews of 11,900 previous claims based on new data found for energy employees, new site information or newer technical methods for assessment
  • Publishing more than 900 technical (initial and revisions) documents that collectively reconstruct much of the operational history of the nation’s nuclear weapons complex

The new contract is for one year with four, one-year options. Much of the work will continue to be conducted from project offices located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The team includes health physicists, industrial hygienists, scientists and support staff from all three partner organizations and from several specialty subcontractors.

NV5/Dade Moeller is a publically owned business specializing in occupational and environmental health sciences. MJWTS is a privately owned radiological consulting company that provides professional and technical services to the nuclear industry.

About ORAU

ORAU provides innovative scientific and technical solutions to advance national priorities in science, education, security and health. Through specialized teams of experts, unique laboratory capabilities and access to a consortium of more than 150 colleges and universities, ORAU works with federal, state, local and commercial customers to advance national priorities and serve the public interest. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and federal contractor, ORAU manages the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

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