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Radiation Exposure Data Collection and
Dose Reconstruction

ORAU Serves as an Important Resource for Occupational Radiation Exposure Data

Netron Film

ORAU has performed extensive epidemiologic research related to radiation exposure, including the re-reading of more than 100,000 neutron films for the DOE—Rocky Flats dose reconstruction project.

Radiation exposure research has been a fundamental strength of ORAU for more than three decades. Our staff offers the knowledge and skills that are essential in acquiring, interpreting, processing, storing, and managing radiological data.

We have applied radiation exposure data in tasks ranging from epidemiologic studies to most recently joining with partners in reconstructing the radiation doses received by workers for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and its contractors.

Our occupational health and exposure and worker health expertise is focused in these areas:

Radiation Exposure Data Collection and Analysis

We apply our proven data collection and analysis techniques to specific radiation exposure programs, including the DOE Radiation Exposure Monitoring System (REMS) and the NRC Radiation Exposure Information Reporting System (REIRS).

Radiation Dose Reconstruction

If you need radiation dose reconstruction for compensation programs, epidemiological studies, accident or incident assessment or environmental exposures, we offer a comprehensive suite of services.