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  • Joseph Eisinger

    "This project has broadened my range of skills and experience considerably. It’s very valuable to have been able to work on a project from its very beginning stages, going from designing and budgeting to assembling and testing equipment. Planning will be an essential skill for any research project I lead in the future." Read more

    Joseph Eisinger Recent bachelor's graduate (SULI)

  • Abisola Kusimo

    "Constantly being on the brink of something so cutting edge and groundbreaking is exciting! I had no idea that this kind of work was happening every day in national laboratories, but it has certainly expanded my thinking for the job possibilities with a doctoral degree." Read more

    Abisola Kusimo Graduate student (GEM)

  • Dol Raj Chalise

    "The program provides an incredible experience for recent graduates to collaborate with world-class researchers and interact in a way that is unique to the national laboratory system. At ORNL I have the freedom, resources and opportunities to develop and apply my own ideas to innovative research that will impact the lives of people around the world." Read more

    Dol Raj Chalise Recent master's graduate (Post-Master's)

  • Ryan Veatch

    "My mentor taught me what kind of questions to ask and what to look for while doing experiments. I thought it was exciting that we could still learn so much from mistakes and undesired results. Before this project, I had little to no experience in a lab setting. Now I feel confident that I have a strong foundation of lab skills and safety." Read more

    Ryan Veatch Undergraduate

  • Chandler Hinton

    "There is a vast amount of knowledge at the lab. Within one building there can be several different types of cutting edge research going on. As an intern, being prompted to ask questions, go on tours and learn as much as possible is a great opportunity." Read more

    Chandler Hinton Undergraduate (HERE)

  • Sophia Suarez

    "I learned the value of several techniques and their contribution to deciphering the character of a material. I now have a broader view of planning a research project. Having programs like the Visiting Faculty Program to help faculty like me, who oftentimes lag in their research aspirations because of factors such as heaving teaching loads and lack of funding, is very necessary." Read more

    Sophia Suarez Faculty (Visiting Faculty Program)

  • Dominic Bednar

    "Traveling and receiving hands-on experience in the field helped crystalize my research and revealed its practicality. Collaborating on a project team and investigating real problems had a strong impression on me. Additionally, my experience at the lab has connected me with a number of researchers in and outside of my desired area of exploration, which creates space for further collaborative research projects." Read more

    Dominic Bednar Graduate student (GEM)

  • Heather Young

    "I chose a career in the science, technology, engineering and math fields because I want to potentially make an impact on people’s lives through new designs and innovative ideas. The HERE program helped me realize there are ample opportunities at the lab to cross-collaborate to impact real change." Read more

    Heather Young Undergraduate (HERE)

  • Kayla Coleman

    "My favorite part of the program was getting to meet new people. Through numerous conversations with my fellow interns and other researchers, I learned about other cultures and experiences. In my opinion, cultural learning experiences are just as important as learning academically and professionally." Read more

    Kayla Coleman Doctoral student (NESLS)

  • Jesse Villalpando

    "I always used protocols and guidelines in my classes in college. This experience allowed me to think outside of the box. It definitely made me realize how science, and research in general, doesn’t always go the way you plan based on theory alone." Read more

    Jesse Villalpando Recent bachelor's graduate (HERE)

  • Matthew Sallas

    "Lab Tech is a great program. It gives you a chance to learn a lot while going to school and getting some on-the-job training. My advice to others is to work hard and set your goals high. Don’t stop until you exceed them." Read more

    Matthew Sallas Undergraduate (HERE)

  • Amir Elzawawy

    "I knew the Visiting Faculty Program would allow me to grow as a faculty member and teach my undergraduate engineering students current engineering challenges, in addition to providing them with the most up-to-date skills." Read more

    Amir Elzawawy Faculty

  • Andres Marquez Rossy

    "The best part about this entire experience for me was coming to a totally unknown area, where I had no knowledge of the culture. I loved immersing myself in the lifestyle of East Tennessee just as much as I enjoyed the research experience." Read more

    Andres Marquez Rossy Recent bachelor's graduate (Post-Bachelor's)

  • Daniel Enciso

    "Speaking with current employees, learning about their careers, obtaining their advice—all these are so important in complementing my research at the lab." Read more

    Daniel Enciso Undergraduate (HERE)

  • Rick Lowden

    "The internationally recognized excellence we achieve at ORNL brings in many clients and researchers whom I may never have had the opportunity to work with anywhere else. Additionally, without this program I would have had a much harder time completing my education. In that sense, the program has fulfilled many life goals that otherwise would have been impossible." Read more

    Rick Lowden Undergraduate (Lab Tech)


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