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Computational Science & Technology Advanced Research Studies (C-STARS)

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory Computational Science & Technology Advanced Research Studies is a highly selective program offering challenging graduate research opportunities in the computational sciences. C-STARS participants conduct research on nationally visible advanced computing projects in the areas of National Security, Climate Science, Urban Dynamics, Health Data Analytics, Astrophysics, Energy, Chemistry or Biology.

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Computational Science and Technology Advanced Research Studies (C-STARS)

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ORNL Intern Jackeline Rios-Torres

Jackeline Rios-Torres

Engineering, Postdoctoral Researcher
Clemson University
Research Focus:

“The goal of my research was to develop strategies to improve transportation efficiency and sustainability through use of connected and automated vehicles (CAVS). Using optimal control theory, I helped develop a strategy that allows CAVs traveling on different roads to merge into a primary road without idling while minimizing the fuel use and travel time. This can reduce fuel consumption by almost 50 percent and also improve the total travel time when compared to a baseline scenario in which the vehicles have to decelerate and eventually stop to be able to safely merge.”

Experience Gained:

“Before joining the program, I did not know about the range of research at ORNL. I was amazed by the significance of the projects being conducted. My favorite parts of the program included the option to attend diverse seminars, the meaningful feedback I received from my mentor and the opportunity to share the results of my research.”

Thoughts on Program:

“During the course of the program, I believe I improved as a professional and strengthened my self-confidence. I gained knowledge, but more importantly, I enjoyed the process. I would definitely recommend the program. It was an amazing, positive and enriching experience.”

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