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End of Appointment

The duration of your research appointment at Oak Ridge National Laboratory is specified in the appointment letter (and any subsequent extension letters) that you receive from ORAU. Appointment end dates must be strictly observed and may not be changed without appropriate communication from ORAU.

As your scheduled end date approaches, ORAU will contact you confirming the end date and outlining the procedures necessary to complete your appointment. You will need to fulfill all listed requirements and submit any outstanding travel reimbursement forms before final payments can be issued.

If you are enrolled in the ORAU insurance plan, you will receive a COBRA election form detailing the options for continuing their coverage.

Leaving an Appointment Early

Should you need to terminate your participation in the program before the scheduled end date of your appointment, you should directly inform your ORAU point of contact and your mentor. At least two weeks’ notice is requested. Providing insufficient notice, or failure to communicate directly with ORAU, could result in unnecessary complications with your payments.

Extending an Appointment

Continuing participation after the end of the appointment, even by a single day, is not permitted without first receiving an appointment extension. Please see Renewal of Appointment for more information on this process.

ORNL Intern Evan Hess

Evan Hess

Material Science Engineering, Undergraduate
University of Akron

“I am helping engineers find the best-suited materials for a novel power plant concept called ‘staged pressurized oxy-combustion’, which uses pure oxygen to combust coal rather than air. The best material for the job will reduce maintenance and long-term replacements costs and increase reliability of the plant, which will in turn reduce the cost of electricity for the average consumer.”


“My fascination with the Manhattan Project made ORNL somewhere I hoped to research, but the opportunity arose way sooner than I expected. The first day I heard I was being interviewed for, let alone being offered, an internship at ORNL was a bit like Christmas morning.”

Thoughts on Program:

“What we are capable of doing with the equipment at ORNL is nothing short of amazing. I have developed technical skills with a wide range of advanced equipment that I could take to any job or research project. It is one thing to understand what I have been taught in school, but it is another thing entirely to put myself through the experimental process from start to finish. The analytical skills needed to solve real problems are irreplaceable.”

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