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Renewal of Appointment

The length of your appointment at Oak Ridge National Laboratory may vary based on the program in which you are participating. All educational appointments have a time limit for participation. Some programs, such as the DOE SULIVFP, and CCI programs, also limit the number of times you can apply and participate.

Appointments may be extended, but extensions are contingent upon program type, funding availability, and recommendation of your mentor.

An extension must be initiated by the mentor. If your mentor wishes to extend your appointment, they will contact the division’s education coordinator to begin the necessary paperwork. Once ORAU has received approval of the extension from ORNL, we will send you an extension letter with the new appointment end date and any additional changes.

You may be required to submit a progress report to ORAU at the time of your extension. If this is required, you will receive instructions.

ORNL Intern Briana Hiscox

Briana Hiscox

Nuclear Engineering, Ph.D. Student
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Nuclear engineering is widely affected by public opinion and politics. For commercial nuclear engineering to remain in use, the public must be convinced that it is safe. While it is already very safe, I think it might sooth the public if researchers show we are working to make it even safer. My research involved improving the efficiency of accident-tolerant nuclear fuels.”


“My favorite part of the research was when I got results back from a simulation and I thought, ‘I wonder what would happen if I changed this variable?’ And then I did, and I got to see the results of that. Sometimes the results didn’t turn out the way I anticipated they would. But, if I knew what was going to happen before it did all the time, it wouldn’t be good research. Learning new things is what makes it fun.”


“Researching at ORNL has been very beneficial to me. I have been able to meet people from a variety of areas of expertise and views on common nuclear topics. I have also learned a lot of things that I will apply in my other research.”

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