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Food on ORNL Campus

You will be responsible for supplying your own meals while at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. There are a handful of options for you to choose from when thinking about eating while at the Laboratory:

Food off ORNL Campus

When not at the Laboratory, you will find that the Knoxville/Oak Ridge area offers a variety of choices in restaurants from chain to gourmet. Below are some resources* you can utilize to identify places to eat in the area:

 Zomato: Oak Ridge

 TripAdvisor: Oak Ridge

 Zomato: Oak Ridge

 Knoxville Food Tours

 Knoxville Mercury: Top Knox Food

 TripAdvisor: Clinton

 Yelp: Clinton

 TripAdvisor: Lenoir City

 Zomato: Lenoir City

* Links are provided for reference only and not meant as an endorsement or advertisement.