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HBCU/MEI Faculty Summer Program Application Process

A faculty application consists of seven parts as described below.

1. Application

The application form must be completed through Zintellect and must include the following:

2. Curriculum Vitae

The curriculum vitae should include the applicant’s name, address, employment record, education, awards, special skills, and a list of recent publications. Provide a complete reference for each published article (title, authors, journal name, volume, starting page number, and year published). Include a one-page statement of current and past research and research interest. Social security numbers and dates of birth should not be included in order to protect the personally identifiable information (PII).

3. References

Two references are required and must be submitted before the application is considered complete.

4. Proposal for Participating in an ORNL Project

Applicants should describe why they would like to participate, why they are qualified to do so and how serving an appointment would further their professional career. Capabilities, special skills, experience and from which the project would benefit should be emphasized.

5. Description of Benefits

Applicants should describe how ORNL and the HBCU/MEI will benefit from the collaboration. It is important to explain how this collaboration will lead to an ongoing research partnership. 

6. Certification of Salary

Designate an administrative person at the HBCU/MEI that can verify salary information.

7. Names of Students

Identify students to serve as part of the same research project. Identified students will be notified with application and internship details.

Students who do not apply by the February 9, 2018, deadline will not be considered for participation in this program with the selected faculty member.