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Terminology Tips

ORAU promotes hands-on science education experiences at government or corporate research facilities for university students, faculty, and recent graduates, as well as pre-college students and faculty. A facility that selects an ORAU participant is inviting the participant to come for an educational experience. It is not a procurement action…it is not contracting for services…and it is not employment.

The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education is a DOE institute that is managed by ORAU. ORISE addresses national needs by managing education and workforce development programs to help ensure a robust supply of scientists, engineers, and technicians to meet future science and technology needs; by assessing and analyzing environmental and health effects of radiation, beryllium, and other hazardous materials; and by developing and operating medical and national security emergency management and response capabilities. ORISE creates opportunities for collaboration through partnerships with other DOE facilities, federal agencies, academia, and industry in a manner consistent with DOE objectives and the ORISE mission.

Remember, the primary purpose of the program is educational, and the participant is the principal beneficiary. Benefits to the sponsor are a secondary by-product of the program.

To help you find just the right word when talking about the Science Education Programs at ORNL, here is a quick reference list:

Terms to Use for Non-Employee Participants Terms to Avoid
Participant Employee, contractor
Internship Work
Appoint Hire
Mentor Supervisor
Stipend Salary
Project Description Job Description
Terms to Use for Employee Participants Terms to Avoid
Participant Employee, contractor
Participation or Work -----
Appoint Hire
Mentor Supervisor
Salary -----
Position Description Job Description