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ORNL Post-Bachelor’s Research Participation Program


The Oak Ridge National Laboratory Post-Bachelor’s Research Participation Program is highly selective and offers challenging opportunities to recent recipients of Bachelor’s degrees to conduct research in areas that support ORNL missions in the basic and applied sciences, energy, and environment.

The emphasis on a research mentoring approach allows program appointees to become integral members of ORNL research and development teams. They gain exposure to current national issues in science and technology, have opportunities to share and exchange innovative ideas and techniques, and make significant contributions to ORNL programs. The interaction of ideas, skills, approaches, and technologies is of mutual benefit to the participant and ORNL.


  • Applicants should be recent Bachelor’s degree recipients or should expect to complete all requirements before starting their appointments.
  • Applicants who have already finished their Bachelor’s degree must be within three years of graduation at the time of application.
  • Meet any additional requirements listed within each posting.
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident, except when listed within a posting due to the nature of the research.


All positions are available through the ORNL Post-Bachelor’s Research Participation Program. To read a full description of each position, click the Position name. The full description includes information on how to apply for the position online.

ORNL Post-Bachelor’s Research Participation Program

ORNL Intern Andrew Bennett

Andrés Márquez Rossy

Chemical Engineering, Recent B.S. Graduate 
Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico
Research Focus:

“I participated in countless research projects; typically working on several research activities a day, on a wide range of projects spanning from energy sustainability to studies on the effects of volcanic ash particles on airplane engines.”

Experience Gained:

“The best part about this entire experience for me was coming to a totally unknown area, where I had no knowledge of the culture.  I loved immersing myself in the lifestyle of East Tennessee just as much as I enjoyed the research experience. I tell everyone I know and meet to try and get an internship at ORNL; the amount of knowledge and experience you gain from researching here is amazing.”

Thoughts on Program:

“Even though I had a background with chemical engineering and not mechanical, it took me no time at all to learn and enjoy the research I do. Once I realized how interconnected the different fields of engineering are, I was given a new and intriguing perspective on it all. It has definitely opened me up to novel concepts in my field of research.”

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Current Openings for the ORNL Post-Bachelor’s Research Participation Program

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