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Oak Ridge National Laboratory is the U.S. Department of Energy’s largest multi-program science and energy laboratory, with scientific and technical capabilities spanning the continuum from basic to applied research. These resources enable the Laboratory to tackle an exceptionally wide range of research and development assignments, from fundamental nuclear physics to applied R&D on advanced energy systems.

As an educational participant, you will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience at a world-class research facility that will directly benefit your career goals.

See what it’s like to spend your first day as an ORNL intern

ORNL Interns at the Laboratory and at Play

Enjoy some selfies and other pics taken by ORNL interns from past semesters.

  • "I like to live life on the edge. #SignalMountain #ORNLStory #ORNLintern"

  • "It's been an amazing five weeks at ORNL. Gonna miss the squad #lastday #ORNLstory"

  • “Throwback to pie-your-mentor day at work!! #ORNLstory #GreatestDayEver #SoSatisfying #IKindaFeltBadAfter #ButWhatevs #IRegretNothing #YOLO”

  • “Trust us we're professionals 😏😏😏 #ORNLstory”

  • Interns paddleboarding at Ijams Nature Center 

  • "Quantum researchers who work with lasers or old sci-fi film stars with cool space guns? #PewPew #ORNLStory"

  • “Checking out the first of many waterfalls in Tennessee. Stinging fork falls is the 45 foot cascades and Ozone falls is the 80 footer. Both amazing and not a bad start. ‪#‎WorkHardPlayHard ‪#‎ORNLStory”

  • "Just me next to the second fastest supercomputer in the big deal 😏 #Titan #SuperComputer #ORNLinterns #ORNLStory"

  • "Great day for a hike! #ORNLStory"

  • "Another #cookout #mission is complete 😋👻 before leaving knox #ORNLStory”

  • “First ever win for the ORNL interns over the mentors in the annual game #Interns4Mentors1 #ORNLStory”

  • “Having the time of my life this summer! I'm so blessed! Oh and a big thanks to Alex for capturing the “wonderful” picture :) ‪#‎ORNLstory”

  • Interns playing Frisbee golf at Victor Ashe Park!

  • “Honey Creek Loop at Big South Fork. ‪#‎WorkHardPlayHard ‪#‎ORNLStory”

  • “Optics had me like... 👀”

  • Getting local coffee at the Knoxville Farmer’s Market!

  • “Nothing beats reading a book with this great view #ORNLStory”

  • “Painting with a Twist with ORNL REDC interns #ORNLStory”