Conference Travel/Attendance Process

During your appointment, the Travel Central Team will be responsible for processing and obtaining approval for conference travel and attendance including local events once a Preapproval Request (PA) has been submitted with your mentor or supervisor approval. The Travel Central Team will assist with arranging your travel, responding to any travel questions, and processing expense reimbursements.

Conference attendance must be approved by the ORAU Conference Management Team before any expenses such as registration fees, lodging, airfare and any other conference-related expenses can be incurred or reimbursed. Failure to obtain the required approvals could result in non-reimbursement of such costs.

If a traveler is attending a local conference, and no expenses will be claimed, DOE approval is not required. Expenses claimed after-the-fact will not be reimbursed.

Additionally, if foreign travel is required to attend the conference, the foreign travel request should be submitted ASAP but not later than 50 days prior to the beginning travel date to ensure sufficient time for approvals.

What is a conference?

A conference is a meeting, retreat, seminar, symposium, or event that may or may not involve attendee travel. A conference is generally organized for the purpose of facilitating a discussion or exchange of views.

Conferences subject to DOE conference management guidance are also often referred to by names other than “conference.” Other common terms used include conventions, expositions, symposiums, seminars, workshops, or exhibitions. Indicia of a formal conference often include but are not limited to registration, registration fees, a published substantive agenda, and scheduled speakers or discussion panels. Individual events may qualify as conferences without meeting all of the indicia listed above, but will generally meet some of them.

Local events within the local duty location that do not require advance travel authorization may also qualify as a conference if the event exhibits other key indicia of a conference, especially the payment of a registration, exhibitor, sponsor, or conference fee.