Important to note: Domestic lodging rates published are exclusive of taxes/fees; while foreign lodging rates published are inclusive of taxes/fees.

Lodging facilities must meet the requirements of the Hotel/Motel Fire Safety Act of 1990, which states that facilities must have smoke detectors and sprinklers. Authorized travel agencies must verify that the lodging facilities have smoke detectors and sprinklers.

ORAU has tax exempt status in several locations, and travelers should make every effort to present the lodging facility with the appropriate tax exemption form upon check-in. Most hotels will not honor the sales tax exemption if the lodging is paid for with a personal credit card.

Reimbursement of the actual cost of lodging, up to the ceiling for the locality, as established by GSA and published in the Federal Travel Regulations, will be made.

Note: The domestic lodging ceiling does not include applicable taxes. The foreign lodging ceiling does include applicable taxes. If long - term lodging is necessary and weekly or monthly rates are charged, the daily lodging rate is computed by dividing the total lodging cost by the number of days of occupancy. The daily lodging rate should not exceed the ceiling for the locality. Cleaning fees associated with long-term lodging are allowable. Other costs associated with long-term lodging will be evaluated and reimbursed on a case-by-case basis.

Airbnb not allowed for ORAU or ORISE travel

Feb. 2018 - Due to the risk involved and the lodging requirements in the Federal Travel Regulations’ (FTR 300-3.1) definition of Acceptable Accommodations and the requirements in the ORAU Travel Manual, the use of Airbnb is not allowed. Therefore, ORAU and ORISE travelers should not secure lodging through Airbnb.