Airbnb not allowed for ORAU or ORISE travel

Feb. 2018 - Due to the risk involved and the lodging requirements in the Federal Travel Regulations’ (FTR 300-3.1) definition of Acceptable Accommodations and the requirements in the ORAU Travel Manual, the use of Airbnb is not allowed. Therefore, ORAU and ORISE travelers should not secure lodging through Airbnb. 

Want to book your own travel arrangements?

ORAU now offers the use of our online booking tool by Concur! The booking tool can be used to book airline tickets, reserve car rental and hotels after you have receive your approval as well as using the tool to get estimates for your travel requests.

ORAU’s Concur booking tool has been set up to help you remain compliant to ORAU travel policies so you can avoid unallowable costs. In addition, when purchasing your airline tickets using Concur, your airline ticket is charged to ORAU instead of tying up your own personal funds for business travel. ORAU discounts for airlines and car rentals are also built into the system.

To obtain an ORAU Concur account, you may register at Concur application using your e-mail address as the log in. Once registration is complete, the application information will be verified and approved. Once approved, you can proceed to the site to complete the brief training as well as your secured traveler profile. Within the traveler profile you will be able to store information that will automatically transfer to your bookings such as the information required by TSA airport security, frequent traveler numbers for airlines, car rental agencies and hotels, passport information and credit cards used for hotel guarantees.

Very Important! Tickets may only be purchased in Concur after you receive an approved TAR. Any ticket purchased without approval will be charged to the traveler. Any ticket request that is not compliant with ORAU/ORISE policies will require a justification and approval by the travel manager. Ticket requests should only be made when approval during business hours is possible.

Due to the expected popularity of this, we are asking for your patience as we process a large number of new accounts.

GSA Per Diem Smartphone App

The GSA announces the new free per diem rate app for the iPhone and BlackBerry platforms. Visit GSA’s per diem website for more information and to download.