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Remembering a Nuclear Pioneer: Alvin Weinberg

Dr. Alvin Martin Weinberg (1915-2006), renowned for his work in nuclear physics, was a scientist and administrator at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) from 1945 to 1973. He played a key role in the Manhattan Project early in his career and was ORNL Director for 18 years. His knowledge of energy issues was immense and he held important roles in the development of the nuclear power industry and in addressing the nation’s energy crisis during the 1970s.

Weinberg later served as director of Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU)’ Institute for Energy Analysis (IEA), which examined energy policy framed in economic and social perspectives as well as in consideration of the latest technology. The IEA provided the highest levels of government with access to systematic analysis of the energy problem to aid the decision-making process and development of solutions for the worsening shortage of energy in the U.S.

“Weinberg was a visionary with the kind of practical thinking that put into place effective solutions to some of America’s most perplexing energy problems,” said former ORAU President Ron Townsend. “His leadership of the IEA in the early years of our country’s energy crisis greatly impacted and helped pave the way for the effective energy management of today’s U.S. Department of Energy.”