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Health Information Management

If you are looking for a complete health data management solution for your organization, we can tailor a project from beginning to end to meet your unique medical data management needs.

ORAU provides complete lifecycle health services, from pre-hire to retirement/former worker status. Coupled with the integration of ongoing personal or area-based exposure surveillance data and health screening, this creates a comprehensive solution.

Our achievements in the challenging realm of electronic medical records management reflect the strength of our expertise, reliability and integrity—qualities that will be of invaluable benefit to you as we provide unique solutions.

When seeking solutions to your unique information technology needs, you want to work with a company that has a comprehensive understanding of database design, programming, data linkage and integrity as well as expertise in the execution and maintenance of health and epidemiologic information systems.

What we do

  • Data analytics
  • Reporting and visualization
  • Data collection/acquisition
  • Application development and integration
  • Migrating current or historical records to electronic systems

Worker health data solutions

We offer an extensive history of creating and managing health data registries and complete health data solutions for both current and historical workers. With our proven track record, we can tailor a project from beginning to end for your organization’s unique medical data management needs—no matter if it includes thousands of workers or just a handful.

We have managed health registries and complete health data solutions for a number of federal agencies and organizations, such as DOE, NRC, CDC, OSHA, EPA and NIH. Here are a few examples:

National Supplemental Screening Program
U.S. Department of Energy

National Supplemental Screening Program

Through the National Supplemental Screening Program or NSSP—managed by ORAU since 2005—DOE provides exposure-based, medical screenings to former energy workers. Eligible workers include those from eight DOE sites and sites with no other assigned DOE Former Worker Program (FWP) as well as FWP-referral participants living outside their screening area.

More than 21,000 eligible workers have participated in these screenings that are designed to identify certain occupational diseases such as respiratory illnesses or cancer. These tests also made more than 85 percent of those participating in the program aware of previously undiagnosed, yet addressable, non-occupational health conditions, such as elevated blood sugar or blood pressure.

sandbags holding back flood waters
Support to the Veterans Health Administration

Support to the Veterans Health Administration

ORAU developed the Performance Improvement Management System (PIMS) to serve as a technology software solution for the VHA’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Program. The integrated, flexible software system provides a consistent and efficient approach to plan, develop, evaluate and improve emergency management activities throughout the VHA.

This system helps the VHA in response to local emergencies and national disasters. The volunteer management application in PIMS serves as a tool for registration and management of deployable emergency personnel and tracking of prerequisite qualifications, such as professional credentials, occupational health requirements and training to provide emergency coordinators information on volunteer availability at each VA medical center. Overall, this helps the VHA emergency managers respond effectively to staffing needs at hardest hit locations.

Our Experts

Eric Adams

Eric Adams

Expertise: Scientific programming, data architecture and management, scalable analytics, reporting, data visualization, geographic information systems (GIS), virtual and augmented reality

Mary Connelly

Mary Connelly

Expertise: Emergency management technology solutions, training, exercises, project management


  • National Healthcare Coalition Preparedness Conference, November 2017
  • National Health Preparedness Summit, April 2017

Certification: FEMA Master Exercise Practitioner

Don Hanlon

Don Hanlon, M.S., M.B.A.

Expertise: Business process automation, software development management, technology product marketing and sales, training

Hanlon has more than 30 years of experience developing technology solutions for various sectors, including military, government, financial, and power generation corporations.

Certification: Project Management Professional (PMP)

Contact us

For more information about ORAU's worker health and safety programs, contact us at 865.576.3115 or .

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