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Health Risk Assessments & Consulting

Do you know what occupational or environmental health issues are in your organization?

Could your organization be experiencing or missing health issues… or not doing enough to prevent them? Your organization may be at risk for regulatory non-compliance.

Typical exposure assessments:

  • Asbestos
  • Beryllium
  • Metals
  • Radiation
  • Silica
  • Solvents
  • Pharmaceuticals

Lack of understanding of current or emerging health risks or their potential impacts is not a defense strategy. Organizations that are not addressing these potential issues appropriately may benefit from a health risk assessment and consulting on proactive mitigation or management strategies. That’s where ORAU comes in.

ORAU provides independent, evidence-based scientific evaluations and assessments of your organization’s risk for current and emerging health issues. Our expertise includes industrial hygiene, epidemiology, toxicology, genomics, and subject matter consultation to legal counsel. Through extensive health risk assessments, ORAU will identify the nature, scope, and breadth of the risk, evaluate your specific situation and develop a program for risk mitigation or management.

We are experienced in providing health risk assessments and consulting to corporate counsel, independent attorneys, trade organizations, industry representatives, hospitals and domestic and international governments. We have deep subject matter expertise in energy-related occupational and environmental exposures, specialization in the oil and gas industry and extensive knowledge of third-party liability issues and any situation where science and regulatory compliance intersect.

  • Workers in hard hats

    What is a health risk and exposure assessment?

    A health risk and exposure assessment is the process of identifying and characterizing  human exposures to physical agents, chemicals or biological agents and then aligning that information with a characterization and assessment of potential disease risks to humans associated with these exposures.

  • Workers in hard hats assessing a facility

    Industries we serve

    • Petroleum
    • Chemical
    • Electrical power
    • Maritime
    • Manufacturing, all types
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Aviation
    • Aerospace
    • Construction
    • Transportation
    • Electronics
    • Health care

What we offer

  • Health risk and exposure assessments
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Risk identification, evaluation and control
  • Management and mitigation of current and emerging health issues
  • Litigation support
  • Expert testimony
  • Comprehensive literature reviews
  • Occupational and epidemiological studies
  • Independent reviews
  • Subject matter expert support
  • Health surveillance
Contributing to a better understanding of exposures and cancer risks

Contributing to a better understanding of exposures and cancer risks

Through separate projects, ORAU investigated risk factors in the development and survivability of cancer. In the first project, ORAU investigated occupational exposures to chemotherapeutic drugs among oncology nurses. The study identified potential exposures and ways to better handle these drugs and communicate their potential risks, thus minimizing exposure threats to these caregivers. ORAU also worked with Pikeville (Ky.) Medical Center to assess environmental and genetic risk factors among a cohort of cancer patients diagnosed with triple negative breast and ovarian cancers who were surviving longer than expected. ORAU partnered with the University of Tennessee’s College of Nursing on the projects.

  • Worker performing safety inspection

    Occupational exposure risk evaluations

    Industrial manufacturers, refineries and chemical plants
    Commercial industrial manufacturers, refineries, and chemical plants have retained ORAU to conduct independent occupational exposure risk evaluations as a result of regulatory and litigation issues associated with various toxicant exposures and allegations of disease associations. For these customers, ORAU conducted retrospective exposure and risk evaluations to characterize occupational disease risks and disease associations, which led to recommendations to mitigate potential liability and litigation support.

  • close crop of a man holding a blue hard helmet
    In response to issues associated with occupational exposures and disease associations, along with historical industrial hygiene practices, ORAU provided comprehensive litigation support to utilities. This involved evaluating environmental and occupational exposure potentials, toxicologic and epidemiologic literature on toxicant exposures and disease risk associations, and historical regulatory requirements. Working with senior counsel, ORAU integrated the data for the development of a management strategy for occupational exposure risk mitigation.
  • refinery.jpg
    Development of oil and gas corporate timeline tool
    ORAU was contracted to evaluate the industrial hygiene, occupational medicine, and environmental programs of a major oil and gas company regarding historical exposures to a variety of toxicants, environmental spills and releases, and regulatory compliance. To analyze data covering more than 40 years, ORAU built an electronic timeline that allowed for the integration of all surveillance and exposure data, survey material, government filings, and program material. This timeline allowed for characterization and evaluation of the company's programs and potential for occupational exposure risks.
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    Download a fact sheet on ORAU Occupational and Exposure Risk Evaluations


Our Experts

Donna Cragle

Donna Cragle, Ph.D.

Expertise: Occupational epidemiology, design and implementation of large-scale worker health studies and programs, manages a program of more than 200 experts and professionals

  • Adjunct faculty, University of Tennessee
  • Lead epidemiologist/founder of beryllium lymphocyte proliferation testing at ORAU
  • Management advisor, ORAU Team providing dose reconstructions to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health for the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act
  • Director, National Supplemental Screening Program providing media screening to former U.S. Department of Energy workers nationwide
  • Lead epidemiologist, medical screening program for residents affected by TVA Kingston Fossil Plant coal fly ash spill
Jeff Miller

Jeffrey R. Miller, Ph.D., CIH, CSP

Expertise: Occupational exposure assessment, safety culture evaluation, chronic beryllium disease worker protection programs

  • Chair, American Board of Industrial Hygiene, 2017-2018
  • Keynote speaker, International Symposium on Beryllium Particles and Detection, November 2017
  • Co-author, “Guide to Monitoring and Improving Safety Cultures,” Energy Facilities Contractors Group, April 2017
  • Team member, design team for $6.5B Uranium Processing Facility Project in Oak Ridge, Tennessee
  • Presenter, American Industrial Hygiene Association, Fall Leadership Conference, October 2017
  • 14 years of senior leadership experience; six years as a CEO
Davyda Hammond

Davyda Hammond, Ph.D.

ExpertiseEnvironmental health engineering, safety culture assessment, statistical analysis, survey administration and evaluation design

Hammond has a wide-array of experience in the planning, execution, analysis, interpretation and reporting of safety culture data as part of evaluations for DOE contractors and national laboratories. Her academic training encompasses both engineering and public health with an emphasis on environmental and worker health, research methods, and health education. She has more than 10 years of project management and statistical analysis experience obtained as an academic and Federal scientific researcher. She has presented her research at multiple national and international conferences and in several scholarly, peer-reviewed journals.

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