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How to Select a DOE SULI, CCI, or VFP Participant through WARS

Each Oak Ridge National Laboratory division has an education coordinator. This person will serve as your main point of contact when using the Science Education Programs at ORNL. ORAU staff also is available to answer any questions that you may have.

Although the process is different in each division, this diagram below provides a broad overview of selecting a participant through the Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists Application Review System (WARS).

Selecting an Applicant

  • Request access to WARS, if needed.
  • Review applicants in WARS (SULI/CCI only).
  • Complete the mentor selection process in WARS (SULI/CCI only).
  • Complete the Online Mentor Orientation module.

Funding Transfer

  • Selected SULI/CCI/VFP participants are available at no cost to the mentor.
  • Provide a completed Guest Appointment Authorization (GAA) form to your education coordinator who will sign it and forward it to ORAU staff.
  • No-costs spots are limited.


  • ORAU will issue the formal offer to the selected applicant, pending the number of available appointments.
  • Applicants have 10 calendar days to accept/decline offer.
  • Once the selected applicant accepts the offer, you will need to enter the name into the ORNL Personnel Access System (PAS).


  • The selectee will be required to participate in an orientation meeting on the first day of the appointment.
  • ORAU will provide support and assistance throughout the term of appointment.
  • While on-site, program participants will take part in activities and produce deliverables to enhance their overall personal and professional development.