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4 ways ORAU's Math & Movement STEM education program will excite kids in math

4 ways ORAU's Math & Movement STEM education program will excite kids in math

Wouldn't it be great if all kids loved math? Math & Movement, a physically and mentally engaging instructional approach to math, is designed to get kids excited about math. With this program, kids learn more, retain more, and gain valuable basic skills while exercising their bodies as well as their minds. The philosophy of this summer academy is that kids can learn valuable math skills while also getting some exercise. Does this sound like something you want to know more about? Here are four things to know about ORAU’s Math & Movement STEM education program:

  1. 2-Day Event for Both Students and Teachers

Whether you are a teacher looking for a professional development opportunity or a parent trying to find a fun and educational STEM activity for your child this summer, Math & Movement sponsored by ORAU is for you! The event lasts for two days, and it is split based on what grades the students are going into next year and what grades the educators teach. On the first day, the morning session is designed for K-2 teachers to learn how to make learning fun for their young elementary aged students. In the second half of day one, rising 1st – 3rd graders come in, and the teachers get to apply the lessons they learned and work with the students. For the second day, the process is similar, but it’s built more for older students. In the morning, 3rd – 5th grade teachers take part in an instructional workshop, and the afternoon session allows them to interact with rising 4th – 6th grade students.

  1. Free to Attend

One of the best things about the Math & Movement STEM Education Program is that students and teachers get to spend the day learning and having fun free of charge. For teachers, it’s a way to get out of the monotony of just writing math problems on the board or using a textbook to teach. The professional development course will detail several ways to incorporate physical activity into math instruction to spruce up the curriculum. For the students, the unique activities and non-stop action will make them quickly forget they are learning too! When playing can become learning, then learning can become more exciting.

  1. Variety of Activities

Throughout the day, students will get to take part in all sorts of fun math activities, but perhaps none as exciting as getting to jump on the bright and colorful floor mats. With each square assigned a number, kids can perform math problems and hopscotch their way to the right answer! Year after year, this is just one of the many great moments that comes out of Math & Movement as we get to experience the smiles on the faces of the next generation.

  1. It’s Coming Soon!

Now that you know about all the wonderful things happening at Math & Movement, it’s time for the most exciting part, registrations are open now! The 2024 edition of this incredible event is set to take place June 10 – 11 at ORAU’s main campus in Oak Ridge, and we promise you don’t want to miss out. Since June is only a few months away, and it will be here before we know it, the time to secure your spot is now! Whether you are a K – 5th grade teacher or a parent, sign up now for this amazing event before it fills up.

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