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In our quest to achieve our goals, we actively engage in collaborative partnerships with a diverse range of organizations, each offering unique perspectives. This synergy ensures that we operate harmoniously, breaking down silos and fostering a shared commitment to our mission. Together, we strive to create impactful STEM awareness programs, nurture talent pipelines, and accelerate the growth of our collective talent pool, enriching the future of our shared endeavors.

Government agencies

We work across government organizations from the National Science Foundation and the Department of Commerce to state and local governments to enable innovation and economic growth. We are working to support government agencies in order to:

  • Build sector and domain public-private partnerships to address STEM workforce shortages
  • Develop workforce strategies, implementation plans, and capacity building


We are working together with a nationwide group of industry, academia, professional organizations and government that share a common mission to:

  • Build workforce strategy and implementation plans
  • Assist with pipeline, recruitment, placement, and retention
  • Engage with partners to foster innovation through collaborative research initiatives
  • Earn a high return on investment when research is jointly funded
  • Mentor and train students to attain desired skills for work in various industries
  • Define the future of work by building curricula for industry standards

Academia and research organizations

Alongside a diverse network of public and private partners, we are addressing the toughest STEM challenges facing K-12, technical, community colleges, and four-year institutions, including education and training. Our priorities are to:

  • Build new, sustainable funding paths with local, state, and federal opportunities and commercial support
  • Collaborate with other organizations on STEM research and development opportunities
  • Advance STEM programs and pathways with innovative and cutting-edge solutions
  • Raise awareness, educate, train, and create pathways for students in highly relevant STEM research areas
  • Create diverse perspectives and ecosystems by mobilizing a diverse network of public-private partners
  • Connect with local, regional, and national STEM education, training, and workforce initiatives
  • Partner with industry to learn about their needs, help shape curriculum, and find new funding streams

Nonprofits, associations, and professional organizations

We are bringing together the resources to build strategic collaborations between public-private partners that result in the development of improved STEM education, training, and learning ecosystems. Partners are encouraged to:

  • Participate in a national ecosystem of public-private partners in sector-specific areas
  • Access university and industry resources and expertise
  • Collaborate on funded research projects that develop, scale-up, and commercialize key enabling technologies
  • Stay informed about latest trends, innovations, and advancements through workshops, seminars, and our Annual Meeting

Impact Areas

Our partners

ORAU STEM Accelerator is joined by a consortium of national partners focused on advancing STEM education, training, and workforce pathways.

Learn more about our partnerships in these areas:

AAAS-STEM Opportunity Alliance

We are building a strategy for the STEM ecosystem rooted in equity, inclusion, and scientific excellence to power progress, innovation, and prosperity for all by 2050.

American Nuclear Society (ANS)

ANS will host an international conference on Nuclear Education and Training in 2025 and we are supporting this effort as a committee chair leading a new awards program for students, educators, innovators, and industry.

East Tennessee Economic Council (ETEC)

Our role is to support the Nuclear Workforce summit in 2024.

Global Action Platform

We are collaborating on regional innovation ecosystems to build public-private partnerships among academia, industry, and state/local agencies to advance scalable, sustainable STEM solutions and grow economic markets in regions throughout the United States.

National Academy for Nuclear Training and National Uniform Curriculum Program

We are collaborating with these organizations to help build and promote new nuclear curriculum, programming, and training across academia.

Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI)

We are bringing together public-private partners to create a national nuclear power workforce strategy and implementation plan for the United States. Our role is to bring together our ORAU member universities, community colleges, and technical schools to form a committee on education and training. Topics that our committee will explore include how to grow the STEM workforce pipeline and how to attract, train, and retain highly skilled and diverse workers.

Thurgood Marshall College Fund

We are helping build the Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU) R&D ecosystem, capacity-building, and infrastructure to ensure these academic institutions are successful in advancing their capacity to receive federal, state, and local funding. This includes helping to build models for HBCU students to develop STEM career pathways into federal agencies.

NSF CRISES Water Security

Our goal is to mobilize a team of diverse public-private partners to build a Water Security Center to address issues of equitable water accessibility, and develop capacity-building measures at the local, regional, and state levels. The central focus is to improve aging infrastructure, develop new models based on changing rainfall patterns, and increase the water-sector workforce. We are currently partnering with the University of Georgia and Vanderbilt University.

NSF-IUCRC Space Manufacturing

The Center for Science, Technology and Advanced Research in Space (C-STARS) will be a multidisciplinary research hub with the mission to support and serve the growing space sector in space manufacturing and train the next generation of workers in space technologies, sciences, and exploration. C-STARS will bring together universities, industries, and the Florida Spaceport to transform access to the space environment and facilitate development of innovative on-demand, in situ space manufacturing capabilities in biopharma, microelectronics, photonics, and payload hardware solutions. The overall vision of C-STARS is to ensure our country achieves and sustains global space manufacturing preeminence. We are currently partnering with the University of Florida.

Fusion Cyber

We are working to help develop innovative cybersecurity education and training in Zero Trust Risk Management Frameworks (RMF), defense, and cyber offense and industry-accepted cybersecurity certifications.

Partnership for Nuclear Energy

The Partnership for Nuclear Energy is a national initiative to strengthen America’s global leadership in STEM by unifying and mobilizing a comprehensive body of leaders from various sectors to address the critical challenges in the nuclear energy education, training, and workforce development issues across the United States. 

Learn more about this initiative

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